Butkus Beyond The Line
This playlist combines all the podcast episodes I produced and edited for Butkus Beyond The Line -- a podcast for the former linebacker for the Chicago Bears of the National Football League, Dick Butkus. The podcast is hosted by his son Matt Butkus, longtime sports executive Pete Hassen and former Baylor Bear Matt Amendola.
Butkus Beyond The Line brings listeners to the intersection of the world of football and its impact on players and headline grabbers, with the world of entertainment, pop culture, and charitable endeavors through Dick Butkus' own inimitable style.

Screen Time with Roe & Roeper
This playlist combines all the podcast episodes I edited for WGN's Roe Conn and The Chicago Sun-Times' Richard Roeper on Screen Time with Roe & Roeper.
Opinionated & informative with a taste of humor: join radio host, Roe Conn, and nationally syndicated film critic, Richard Roeper, for a weekly show covering today’s most popular topics in the film and entertainment industry. Screen Time with Roe & Roeper offers a unique spin on movies, streamed shows, news of the day, pop culture, and more. Studios
This playlist combines all the episodes I edited for the different podcasts distributed by Studios.

Change Agents
Change Agents is a podcasts series by Chicagoans trained to tell stories of their neighborhood transformations and the folks who make that happen.
With my colleague Huy Do, I produced A New Hospitality Labor Movement. When marginalized restaurant workers are abandoned by an industry ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic, a local organization helped them pick up the pieces. Now, as the U.S paces itself towards recovery and the restaurants gear up for a safe reopening, they suddenly encounter a nationwide labor shortage. After surviving through a deadly pandemic, some workers are asking if it’s worth it after all, to go back to the industry that abandoned them. Take a listen.

Global Talks and Tunes podcast
Global Talks and Tunes is originally a radio show, first aired LIVE on Radio DePaul. The show is about international students dealing with diversity and culture shock. Tune in for funny and interesting experiences and learn about different ethnicities. The show is for EVERYONE!

Here is the latest episode!

Stuff You Should Know About Finance podcast
I founded, produced and hosted the Stuff You Should Know About Finance podcast for DePaul University's Finance Department. Available on every podcasting platform. This playlist includes all the episodes I hosted and produced.
The Stuff You Should Know About Finance podcast uncovers and explains financial topics and related current or historical events into more understandable terms by our featured guests. This podcast brings together finance professors and industry professionals with finance students to breakdown real world examples.

Radio DePaul
This playlist combines all my audio work (news packages, spots etc) for Radio DePaul.